This arm of the ministry was born in a night vision when God’s servant saw people of all races trooping into the venue by reason of the mighty works of the Holy Spirit – healing of all manner of sicknesses, the barren carrying their babies, deliverance from the shackles of the enemy, to mention a few. This Holy Ghost power-packed service attracts worshippers from all over Lagos and its suburbs. This arm of the ministry x-rays the holistic Prophetic ministry of the visionary, Rev. Femi Akinola. The Prophetic Hour of Solution, from inception, has this special feature where rare cases of deliverance, healing and freedom from the shackles of darkness are being attended to in each service. Besides this truth, it is also a spiritual platform for turnaround for the barren, jobless, frustrated and those smitten with strange ailment and oppressed by the forces of darkness. This monthly program ushers believers into an arena where depth of the mysteries in God’s word ranging from the awesomeness of the Almighty God, discovery of purpose, victory over the works of darkness, faith and restoration of hope are taught through the impartation of the Holy Ghost. The Prophetic Hour of Solution has continued to remain popular and imparting with amazing miracles, breakthroughs and outflow of the healing anointing. The impact of this program has continued to attract people of different caliber from all walks of life. This “rare-breed” programme breezes across all human endeavors every first Wednesday of the month with people returning to give God all the glory.
  • Prophetic Hour of Solution
  • Every 1st Wednesday of the month, 7:00 am - 10:00 am