The Hebrews International Outreach is the dynamic and proof-producing ministry of Reverend Olufemi Akinola. It is a Prophetic Ministry committed to reaching out to people of different races with the message of Deliverance, Healing, Purpose, Power and Prophetic Teachings about the mysteries contained in the Word of God, wherein believers are furnished with Biblical truths on how they can discomfit the devices of the devil and to build the body of Christ in preparation to meet the Groom.

The Journey

In the wake of resuscitating one of the annexes of the outreach on the Island, the Hebrews Prayer Mountain Service for Signs and Wonders was commissioned on February 7th 2010 at Victoria Garden City in Lekki. The Prayer Mountain, under the auspices of the Hebrews International Outreach, has been a haven of rest, healing and miracles for those who are afflicted, smitten, oppressed and caged by the enemy. The prayer mountain in Lekki creates a platform for one-on-one counseling session where God's servant, through the gifting of God, ministers in the power of the Holy Ghost, and the outcome has been overwhelming. This arm of the ministry has schooled many believers, who were once considered nonentities, failure and outcast, into greatness and today they form the core of the movers and shakers of the productive sector in this country and overseas. One distinctive quality about this Prayer Mountain is that men are taught from all the cardinal points in line with the timely truth (mysteries) exemplified in the scripture about living a life of total freedom from the oppression of the enemy. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Hebrews prayer fellowship which usually holds in the evening was transformed into proper sunday morning service on the 10th of March, 2013 at Chevy-View Estate, Chevron Drive, Lekki, Lagos.